Utaguchi Covers
Also Good for Anasazi Flutes (specify diameter please)

Our Utaguchi covers are designed by Perry Yung--thank you Perry, and crafted by our son Sam (11). Sam enjoys leathercraft and helping Dad. Sam is paid a partial fee for complementary covers (shakuhachi purchases come with one) and gets the full proceeds from individual sales. Covers are $15 plus $2 shipping if mailed separate from a flute. They come in 5 different sizes. Specify flute diameter please.

Tsuyutoshi (Cleaning Cloth)

A must for keeping the bore of your shakuhachi free of moisture, dust and dirt that will, affect performance of the instrument over time.

$12 plus $2 shipping if mailed separately

Flute Care

We recommend Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish for periodic application to your Shin Sei wooden shakuhachi.

Salad Bowl Finish
This is an edible finish for salad and fruit bowls, cutting boards, butcher’s blocks, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops (wood or stone), children’s toys and cribs. It is really easy to use. Apply it very thinly. You can use immediately afterwards if you like, or you can leave it overnight and then buff it with a cotton cloth for a nice soft shine. We recommend this finish for decorative painted surfaces as well as for wooden flutes.
$8 plus $2.50 shipping if mailed separately